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Peat is a natural resource of great value and major use potential. Amongst other functions, peat resources support functioning of bogs and wetlands, support unique bog vegetation and animal world of bogs and wetlands. However for many countries with abundant peat resources, they have huge application potential and may have a crucial role in economy. So it is also in Latvia. 

The aim of Latvia National peat society is to integrate effortssearchers considering needs of peat producers, practitioners working on use of peat teritories and society in respect to sustainable use of peat resorces.

Aims and vision

Latvia National Peat society is non-governmental organisation uniting peat-mining industry representatives, academics, conservationists with an aim to study, better ubderstand and promote sustainable management of bog and wetland resources.

The vision of Latvia National Peat Society is active cooparation amongststakeholders in peat and peatland issues and progrss in their reserach, use and protection.


Latvia National Peat society is participating at elaboration of Latvia’s natural resorce management strategy, have disucssed peat research and use questions at ministerial levels. Latvia National Peat Society has supported several major research projects in Latvia. Latvia National Peat Society issented on observer position in Intrnatiinal Peat Society and its members participate in organisation and running of conferences and congresses dedicated to peat and peatlands. 

Latvia National Peat Society support young researchers and peat research activities.

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